Silk Carpet

2x3ft (61x91cm)

3x5ft (91x152cm)

4x6ft (122x183cm)

5x8ft (152x244cm)

6x9ft (183x274cm)

8x10ft (244x305cm)

9x12ft (274x366cm)

10x14ft (305x427cm)

Silk Runners

Round Carpet

Wool Carpet
Savonnerie Carpet
Aubusson Carpet
Aubusson Tapestry
Hand Tufted Carpet
Prayer Mat

What is a Savonnerie carpet and how is it made?

Company News

8x10ft savonnerie carpet sent to Denmark

6x9 foot silk carpet sent to Singapore

Around 500 square foot silk carpets sent to Saudi Arabia

Traditional silk carpets sent to Japan customer

4x6 foot area silk rug sent to USA

9x12 foot handmade silk carpet sent to Switzerland

2.5x6 foot runner silk rug sent to Canada

6x9 foot Persian silk rug sent to Hong Kong

Chengdi Carpet attended the 23rd edition Domotex asia/CHINA floor exhibition

The 99 pieces silk rugs sent to Los Angeles, USA

Industry News

What are the benefits of handmade silk rugs?

How to choose the right pattern of silk carpet for living room?

How to clean a silk rug?

High Quality Hand Knotted Wool Carpet

How can you tell the differences between hand knotted rug, hand tufted rug and machine made rug?

Are Oriental rugs Hand-Knotted?

When to choose a hand knotted rug over a hand tufted rug

What is a hand-tufted rug?

What is a hand-knotted rug?

What is a Savonnerie carpet and how is it made?

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